Welcome to Studio C

Affordable and Intimate Vocal Recording and Editing Studio

Simply Done High Quality Recording

Small control room and attached vocal booth with private lounge
Studio C is located upstairs in our main facility on Mariposa Street. Designed to get your basic recording needs accomplished, Studio C can provide a great solution to work in a professional studio on a budget. This studio may not have as many features as our other two rooms, but you still get the benefit of working with any of our experienced engineers.
This studio has everything you need to accomplish a great vocal recording. Whether you are just getting your feet wet with the recording process, or do not require all the amenities of our other rooms, we know you will enjoy the cozy creative environment in Studio C.


  • AKG 414XLII
  • Shure SM57


  • (2) Avalon 737sp Channel Strips
  • RME Fireface 400
  • Presonus Central Station


  • (2) Event Studio Precision 8
  • (2) ProAc Studio 1 MK2
  • Bryston 3B


  • ProTools 12
  • Ableton Live 9
  • AutoTune Live 7
  • AIR Production Toolkit
  • Waves Platinum + Studio Classics
  • VocALign Project
  • Slate Digital (VBC/FG-X)
  • Komplete 10 Ultimate