Welcome To Studio A

The World's Only 360 Degree Rotating Control Room

Professional Sound Plus Vibe

Control Room, Live Room, Isolation Room, Full Backline
The time has come! We are happy to present our newly updated Studio A, featuring a beautiful, fully automated Solid State Logic (SSL) AWS series super analogue console capable of handling the most demanding projects. Our one-of-a-kind spinning control room has been has been re-designed so that our entire collection of vintage and modern analog outboard gear is at your fingertips, while also allowing you to face towards our large isolation room or our great sounding live room.

Side 3 prides itself in having an extremely well tuned control room and monitoring environment. The ability to hear your project on the variety of speakers provides a unique listening experience to be found only in Studio A.

Our live room has proven to be one of the most creative environments to play music in. We also provide a diverse collection of instruments, amplifiers, analog synths, and even a 100 year old Steinway upright piano.

Our isolation room truly embodies the definition of isolation. It provides an exceptionally quiet recording environment, to give your vocals that intimate sound.

The vocal booth and control room both host large flat screen displays for easy collaboration or video projection.